Ottawa restores temporary access to basic health care for all refugees

This is from and article by Nicholas Keung Immigration reporter, Published on Tue Nov. 04, 2014

All refugees in various stages of the asylum process can once again access basic Canadian health care, after the federal government reluctantly agreed to comply with a court-ordered reinstatement.

Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander stated, “The court’s decision is offside with Canadians’ views on this issue and will cost Canadian taxpayers $4 million more per year. We will continue vigorously to appeal the court’s decision and defend the interests both of Canadian taxpayers and genuine refugees who need and deserve Canada’s protection.”

Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and Justice for Children and Youth, along with two refugee claimants affected by the cuts, had filed a constitutional challenge to the cutting of benefits for refuges. Federal Court Justice Anne Mactavish found the cuts unconstitutional and gave the government four months to reinstate the coverage in place before 2012.

Please read the full article at the following link.

Ottawa restores temporary access to basic health care for all refugees Nov. 4, 2014

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