Day: November 25, 2014


In November 2014 the CPJ (Citizens for Public Justice) made a submission to to the Standing Committee on
Citizenship and Immigration entitled “Protecting the Vulnerable, A Call to Safeguard Social Assistance for
Refugee Claimants. In the submission there is mention of Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH’s) and their struggle with the system. It mentions long wait times, lack of Government consultation and the heavy burden of private sponsorship which has led to many SAH’s withdrawing from their involvement.

You can read the full report here.

Letter: Budget Bill Restricts Access to Social Assistance for Refugee Claimants

In November 2014 the group “Citizens for Public Justice” (CPJ) wrote an open letter to the Minister of Finance Joe Oliver with respect to the inclusion of new sections to Bill C-585. The CPJ made the point that these provisions would allow provinces to restrict access to social assistance for refugee claimants and others who have not yet been granted permanent residence. The letter stresses the fact that government is implementing policies that worsen people‚Äôs health and deny their fundamental human rights.

You can read the entire letter here.