Catholic Refugee Sponsors’ Council (CRSC) has for its vision to provide a national Catholic voice to respond to the needs of the world’s refugees for resettlement. The CRSC provides coordination, advocacy and information to Catholic refugee sponsoring organizations.

You are invited to join us in this important work – become a member! Just $10

Send the following information and we will contact you with updates, news and ongoing communication about our work. Thanks for your support!

Your Name:

Your Affiliation:

Your Address, street, city, province, postal code:

Amount enclosed: $10 – cheque payable to CRSC

Our address: Catholic Refugee Sponsors’ Council, PO Box 30004 RPO Woodbine Heights, 1500 Woodbine Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4C 5J2

Our email address is:

Our phone number is: (204) 800-9027

Email us your comments at:

You can read/download our brochure in French or English by these links: CRSC English Brochure V3   French Brochure V3

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