Month: August 2022

Parliamentary Immigration Officer

In the August 1, 2022 edition of the True North publication, Rabea Allos, a co-founder of the Catholic Refugee Sponsors’ Council (CRSC) makes the case for a parliamentary immigration officer. In his presentation Rabea notes the great contribution of immigrants to the Canadian national society. Sure, he says, there are debates about many aspects of immigration policy in Canada.

Rabea makes the following point: “the federal government’s 2022 immigration target is 431,000. Whether this number is based on any performance criteria is another matter. However, there is no independent Parliamentary Officer to track the functioning of the department for the House of Commons and for the Canadian public.”

The issues revolve around the public’s right to have information regarding retention rates, the several immigration streams including their statistics, intake and exit numbers. Regarding immigrants, IRCC does not publish the numbers of naturalized Canadians who leave Canada. In addition IRCC has not published retention rates for immigrants and refugees.

No data means no problem.

A Parliamentary Immigration officer would “ensure that IRCC operates in an efficient and effective way to ensure program integrity.”

Please read the entire article at this link: Parliamentary Immigration Officer