Ottawa won’t say if it will honour deadline for revising refugee health coverage

Nicholas Keung Immigration reporter, Published in the Toronto Star on Mon Nov 03 2014.

Ottawa has refused to say if it will honour a court-ordered deadline and revise its health-care coverage for refugees in light of Friday’s appeal court dismissal of its request to delay the reinstatement. “Refugees continue to enjoy the same standard of care as Canadians. We’re disappointed with the court’s decision. We’re going to appeal it. We will announce the details of our reaction to that decision shortly,” said Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. “They have to have something in place by Wednesday,” said lawyer Lorne Waldman. “If they do not comply with the court order, we will go to court to enforce the order.”


You can read the entire article by choosing the following link.

Ottawa won’t Say Nov 2014

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