Refugee brings life experience to her new job leading the Canadian Council of Refugees

The Catholic Register, on Dec. 19, 2017 published an article by Michael Swan. The Canadian Council of Refugees (CCR) has just appointed a new President – Claire Roque from the Philippines. The position is a term of two years as President. Claire is herself a refugee and believes that her experience will be of great value in her new position. As president of the CCR, Roque hopes to push Ottawa into clearing the backlog of cases caught in the system.

She is employed by the Diocese of London as a “ministry specialist for inland protection of refugees.” Claire credits Bishop Fabbro of London for his great support. She started there as a volunteer in 2011 and a year later was employed full time.
“For the members of the CCR it’s a long-standing priority to make sure we have people with refugee experience among the leadership of the organization,” said Canadian Council for Refugees executive director Janet Dench.
Please read the entire article here: CCR New Leader Dec. 2017


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