Sayegh family’s home was bombed three times before they fled and sought peace in Canada

Agnieszka Krawczynski had an article published in the B.C. Catholic in June, 2016. The article describes the events leading up to the arrival of the Sayegh family in Canada. As a reminder of the terrible ordeal Albert Sayegh brought to Canada a shred of shrapnel embedded in his flesh on his left side. He fled Syria with his wife and three children in 2014, a few months before the war’s four-year mark, and landed here in Canada this spring. Sayegh, a mechanical engineer, had a successful career that sent him on business trips around the world. Nahla, his wife was terrified to leave the house, there was so much danger and shooting.

The family became refugees on Christmas Day in 2014. They landed in Jordan and lived there for 14 months, waiting for approval to come to Canada. Thanks to Canadian Martyrs Parish, they landed at Vancouver airport Feb. 23, 2016. Their teen aged daughter Lydia says that now “everything is good”. Father Richard Au, pastor of Canadian Martyrs, heard about the family thanks to friendly ties with the bishop of Jerusalem.

The parish organized several fundraising events and Archbishop J. Michael Miller CSB to attended one of them.

Please read the entire article: Sayegh’s Family


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