D&P engage youth on global refugee crisis

The next generation of leaders needs to be informed about the plight of refugees. This is the theme of the article published in the Catholic Register on June 3, 2016 written by  Maria Montemayor. Amanda Cacilhas, from the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) spoke to a Youth Council evening dialogue on “Refugee Dialogues: What we know from Syria and beyond”. She made the point that we need to not only focus on Syrian refugees but the entire globe, as this is a global crisis. Many young people want to help in this work but are not sure how or what to do.

In order to begin the process of helping it is vital that the youth know some facts and the history of the crisis we experience today and what Governments are proposing and are doing. The evening session included a panel of refugees, social service providers (Matthew House Refugee Services, Refugee Sponsorship Training Program) and a teacher at Humber college.

The evening was a great success, says Amanda.

Please read the entire article here: Youth Engagement

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