Speakers discuss refugees’ plight, ‘shared responsibility’ for resettlement

On May 23, 2016 the Catholic News Service published an article by Allana Hayes which discussed the plight of refugees and the shared responsibility for resettlement. Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, retired Archbishop of Washington, referring to the current refugee crisis in Syria and Iraq, gave the keynote address at the “Refugee Crisis in the Middle East: A Shared Responsibility,” sponsored by the Center for Migration Studies of New York. The Cardinal also said that since our inception we have offered refuge to millions of persons around the world. For many of us, our families are in that group.

Mazlin Kamuona and Omar al-Muqdad, refugees from Iraq and Syria, are among the millions of people who have fled to the United States in the nation’s history to escape religious persecution. They spoke during a panel session on resettlement and refugees’ experiences of integration into a new country. Kamuona said,  “They are safe now in a free country, and for that I am happy to call the United States my home.”

You can read the full article here: Shared Responsibility

You can also read it here: Refugees Plight


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