Cardinal Veglio on refugees: Europe has behaved like Pontius Pilate

On April 28, it was reported that Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio, President, Pontifical Council for Migrants and Itinerant People spoke about the need for some practical concrete things to be done with respect to Europe and the influx of refugees. He points to the agreement with Turkey and the  Balkan border closures which have worsened the situation.  Caritas has expressed its rejection of this agreement and has described it as “unacceptable.” The Cardinal states clearly, “this word comes off as a little strong but yes, the attitude of Europe is a bit ‘Pilate-like.'” He points out that sending Syrians back to Syria “is the most humane and  Christian way of behaving.”

You can read the statements by the Cardinal here: Europe – Pontius Pilate

Please provide your comments here: Catholic Refugee Sponsors’ Council



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