Cardinal Ouellet: the Pope’s message on migrants, refugees

On July 30 the Canadian Catholic News published a summary of the homily delivered by Cardinal Ouelette of Quebec at the Basilica of Ste.-Anne-de-Beaupre in Ste.-Anne-de-Beaupre, Quebec, on the feast of St. Anne.

He said that the Holy Father keeps drawing attention to these populations drifting from one continent to another and from one country to another, which are exposed to all the dangers and all the abuses.

Cardinal Ouellet noted Pope Francis’ visit in 2013 to the Island of Lampedusa to mourn the deaths of Africans who had drowned in the Mediterranean in the hands of ruthless traffickers.

The Cardinal stated, “I invite the people of Canada to have an attitude of welcome and to help integrate migrants and refugees who arrive under circumstances of great difficulty.”

You can read the entire article here: Cardinal Ouelette – Pope Francis


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