Finding Refuge in Canada: A Syrian Resettlement Story

The Honourable Jim Munson was the chair of the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights along with the co-chair the Honourable Salma Ataullahjan. In December the Senate published their report on the Syrian resettlement issue in Canada. The report clearly stated that “the Government of Canada is not allocating enough resources to help them integrate”.

The report expresses concerns that when refugees arrive in Canada they are already in debt that need to be paid with interest within certain time limits. In addition it mentions that the Canadian Child Benefit needs to be available much quicker to these families.

The ability to communicate in English or French is vital to survival in Canada and the report suggests that Canada should be providing more funds to support English language classes for refugees. Furthermore the report goes on to highlight the fact that the youth need further programs to help them integrate quicker into Canada.

Many refugees come from a land of war. It is vital, the report says, that Canada offer special mental health and other social services to enable the refugees to feel more settled here in Canada. The report also describes situations of domestic and gender-based violence in society. It is recommended that the Government develop ways that these can be addressed.

Moreover, many refugees come to Canada with the hope that some of their relatives who are still in Syria can be settled in Canada. The Government needs to develop ways and means to help resolve this issue as well.

This report is well worth the time to read. You can read the full document by clicking here: A Syrian Resettlement Story


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