Settlement agencies seek more government support

The Catholic Register, in their January 6, 2016 issue, published an article written by Michael Swan. He points out that Catholic settlement agencies will be asking the Government for more money to help settle newly arrived refugees. Catholic Cross-Cultural Services executive director Carolyn Davis says  that many people  are very interested in doing something to support the Syrian refugees. They may not have the time, energy or financial wherewithal to become a sponsor, but there may be other things that they could offer. She is referring to what was called the “Host Program” which had organized volunteers who would befriend new arrivals in Canada. The idea was that through these friendships the new arrivals would form social networks that could help them improve their English and lead them to jobs, business opportunities, educational opportunities and political and social engagement. However, it was cancelled in 2008. Host was replaced by programs titled “Community Connections.” These programs “help to lessen feelings of isolation and marginalization among newcomers,” said Citizenship and Immigration. The Government sponsored refugee settles more quickly. They have a built-in set of connections to potential jobs, to potential places to live — all those connections that help people settle.”

Carolyn Davis also indicated that Cross Cultural Services (CCCS) will also vie for a slice of $8.5 million Queen’s Park will distribute to settlement agencies in Ontario.


You can read the entire article on the Catholic Register website.

It is also available at this link.

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