Canadian bishops’ social justice document raises plight of refugees

Deborah Gyapong, Canadian Catholic News published an article in the Catholic Register on September 8, 2015. She says that the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ justice and peace commission has published a 20-page document, “A Church Seeking Justice: The Challenge of Pope Francis to the Church in Canada,” specifically addressing the plight of refugees along with questions it raises regarding Canada. She quotes Bishop Don Bolen from Saskatoon the chair the justice and peace commission who says, ““I hope that all the attention given to the Syrian refugees and the immediate coverage in recent days highlights the tremendous suffering of refugees and the tens of millions of people who are caught in this situation.”

The document, however, does not only challenge governments to bring in more refugees, it asks, “Should your church community?” The document also cites United Nations figures placing the number of people around the world displaced by war, persecution and conflict at 59.5 million. The section on refugees is only one of many in a 20-page document that touches on many areas that are dealt with under headings of “human dignity and labour; war and peace; and economics.”

In reference to the message of Pope Francis when he speaks of ‘globalization of indifference,’  We have become accustomed to the suffering of others. That doesn’t concern us.”

You can read Deborah’s complete article by clicking here.

You can read the entire 20 page document from the CCCB “A Church Seeking Justice” by clicking here.

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