Public life must be lived with integrity, Cardinal Collins tells Parliamentarians

Canadian Catholic News published December 4, 2014 had a story written by Deborah Gyapong.

Cardinal Collins of Toronto delivered his message to Members of Parliament, Senators and representatives from many embassies at the All-Party Interfaith National Prayer Breakfast in Centre Block’s Parliamentary restaurant. He said that in a time of severe crisis around the world, Parliamentarians must show integrity and humility in public life. He also urged cultivation of the virtue of humility, “a virtue rooted in faith, which protects us from becoming disoriented and shattered by the crises we all face.” He used the examples of St. Thomas More and St. John Paul II a models of integrity of faith and reason. The Cardinal went on to say that we all need to be people of integrity — integer-ity — and to look to both faith and reason as we seek to respond to the crises of life. “Faith helps us in times of crisis, because it gives us the perspective that leads to humility, as we recognize “God is God, and I am not” – a most sane way of seeing things.”

You can read the full article here.

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