Day: October 30, 2014

Private Sponsorship & Public Policy

Ashley Chapman has published her report entitled “Private Sponsorship and Public Policy” for Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) in September 2014. The report outlines the situation in Canada of private sponsorship and Churches. In addition she asks two important questions. One is “What policy issues and political trends are of top concern to church-connected SAHs?” The second is, “How do church-connected SAHs engage the federal government about their concerns?” She draws conclusions from discussions with members of the SAH (Sponsorship Agreement Holder) community.

Read the entire study: Private Sponsorship and Public Policy

Policy Changes Jeopardize Private Refugee Sponsorship

Originally published in “The Embassy“, and recently published by Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), Ashley Chapman outlines how the Government has jeopardized private refugee sponsorship. She points to the situation in Syria, and the cuts to health care benefits. She refers to the study completed by CPJ indicating that Churches account for about 72% of all Sponsorship Agreement Holders in Canada. The need for a working relationship with CIC places Sponsorship Agreement Holders in a difficult position, especially when many feel that aspects of the sponsorship program are being co-opted for political—not humanitarian—purposes.

You can read the full article published by Citizens for Public Justice.

Stick in the Wheel – Refugee Sponsorship

In the Western Catholic Reporter dated October 20, 2014, Joe Gunn outlines how the Federal Government has put a “stick in the wheel” of refugee sponsorship. He points to long wait times, loss of health benefits and that the number of Syrian refugees would be 1,300 by the end of the year but the Government will only sponsor 200. He concludes that communication and partnership is the only way forward, but that many SAH’s are reluctant to speak up.


You can read the entire article in the Western Catholic Reporter